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Maxim Vulpe

“Home where the heart is, Invest in your home, invest in your future.”


Emilio Vasquez

“It’s more than just selling homes, proven results and commitment. Professionalism above all, transparency is not always convenient but a necessity in every case!”


Luis Marin

Realtor – Ofc. Fort Myers

Residential Agent

239 645-8209

Neymar Carrero

Realtor – Ofc. Aventura

Residential Agent

“Have you ever dreamed of living in a magical place? A dedicated professional is here to help find the perfect property match for YOU.”


Minerva Diaz

Realtor – Ofc. Fort Myers

Residential Agent


Barry Wulwick

Carmen Isbely Glazer


Residential Agent


Diana Moreno

IT and Commercial Manager for Colombia and Costa Rica – Ofc. Colombia

Residential Agent

+57 313 2970435

Martha Ceballos

“Buy with Confidence, Sell with Success! Helping you achieve your real estate home and investment needs.!”


Grisel Pacani

Realtor – Ofc. Aventura

Residential Agent

“Great news, getting approved to your dream home is easier than ever! Ask me how!”

305 733-1288

Sonia Arnold Plazas

“This is the time to buy your house. Call me.I want to work for you!.”


Sonia Maritza Arroyo Gucousky


Yulia Andzelis

Realtor – Ofc. Aventura

Residential Agent

“A house is made of walls and beams.. A HOME is made of Love & Dreams! Let’s go together and make your dreams come true!”

786 991 7331

Gustavo Salazar

Realtor – Ofc. Aventura

Residential Agent

” A house is the most important investment of your life. I’m ready to help you accopmlish your dream home.”

305 738 3908

Barry Wulwick

Barry Wulwick

Broker Associate – Ofc. Aventura

Residential Agent

“Together we will find your dream home.”


Barry Wulwick

Carlos Rippe

Broker Associate


Angela Guitar

Realtor, Consultant, Entreprenaur


Margarete Weber

“Over 20 years of experience helping Families in SW florida”


Cassandra Williamsr


Yesenia Pastor

“Home is not just a place it’s a feeling, let me help you find that special place.”


Daisy Adames

“Consistently providing commitment, high quality service, and results!”