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Lovely farm in Anolaima

ID-30025 - For Sale
Lovely farm in Anolaima

Location: Less than 1 km from the Municipality of Anolaima, Cundinamarca, just 90 km from Bogotá city-Colombia.
Temperate climate with an average temperature of 19 ° C, ranked one of the best worldwide.
Height: 1,400 meters aprox. at sea level.
Fruit trees of various species such as: guava, lemon, papaya, orange, tangerine, avocado, soursop, banana and pitaya.
Bamboo (and guadua) trees.
Grazing pastures (Kikuyo, india and brakiaria) and cutting pastures (Elephant and Imperial).
Two water basckets, one for fish farming and the other one is a spring.
Drinking fountain and grass cutter.
Stone Pedestrian footpaths.
Residential area of 284 m2 several levels distributed as follows:
House with coffee plantation architecture (Style declared cultural heritage of the humanity by UNESCO) which consists of:
-Two bedrooms.
-Living room.
-Modern kitchen.
-Large balcony with beautiful view of the valley and the background, the
imposing Eastern Coordillera.
Butler’s bedroom with bathroom.
Butler’s Dining room.
Kitchen with Wood stove.
Four Storage rooms.
Vegetable plot.
Magnificent wood oven.
Two cabins each one with:
One bedroom with two single beds.
One of the cabins has beautiful balcony.
Shared kitchen.
Large and beautiful gardens.
Stone pozeta.
Jacuzzi with social area.
Green areas.
Big green field for sports.
Birds watching scenariorios.
Public services: Drinking Water, Energy and Internet.