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“There’s a philosophy built inside this organization that people matter and that you should build an organization around people and you should succeed with them.”

Our Story

We are specialized in the real estate business serving our client across the globe with excellence. We started our business in 2008 when the financial crisis across the world was at its peak. But regardless of the crisis, we successfully manage to assist people in buying or selling properties with affordable deals. Twelve years later, we are still providing our services to the people with the best deal and highest satisfaction level.


Integrity and moral values are our prime focus during every deal. The fair and honest deal is the top priority of our business.


Giving back to society is the basis of building a community. We always support the charities by volunteering and a monetary donation to fund the community’s deserving part.


We provide all the features and security promises about the services we promise to our customers. We are dedicated to customer service.


Our customers are our family. Providing smiles on the face of family members is the only objective of our services.


US Prime is committed to helping entrepreneurs realize their limitless potential by creating opportunities to scale their businesses beyond their wildest dreams.

U.S Prime Realty LLC

Contact us for the best deals in Apartments, Condos, Townhouses and Single family homes in Port Royal Naples, or Estero; Luxury waterfront condos in Sunny Isles, Aventura Florida, High Rise condos in downtown Miami, Land in Cape Coral Florida or Golden Gate Estates. The market is all yours!

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