U.S. Prime Realty LLC

We are a Real Estate firm that specializes in serving a global client base.

Our goal is to develop an easy business for buyers and sellers for their benefit
using our local expertise and our global marketing capabilities.

U.S. Prime Realty, LLC has positioned itself as the current leader in market share
in greater S.W. Florida in a Real Estate market experiencing never
before seen opportunities!

Our Values

Passion for our Work

We make each customer our reason for being.

Honesty, Transparency, Full Disclosure

Build Open and Honest Relationships With our clients.

Create Remarkable Experiences

We make your investment in Real Estate a pleasant experience.

Customer Satisfaction

Understand your priorities, never get distracted, and work hard to achieve your goals.

Our Story

On 2008 we opened our first office in Naples, Florida with several multilingual agents and strategic alliances in international finance, providing a level of service beyond that of typical Real Estate firms.

Our Colombia branch  was created in early 2015, to help and offer Real Estate investment opportunities in the market of Florida, United States, to Colombian citizens. Also, to sell properties in Colombia to any person, whether Colombian or foreign citizen.

We work closely with a group of specialty attorneys and bankers that understand the nuances of selling to an international buyer. The ability to communicate with this eager group of investors and the knowledge to help them navigate the purchasing process is often the key to getting a house sold.