A new concept, Metrópica is born

  US Prime Offers an excellent Purchase Opportunity: By investing US $ 500,000 in the Metrópica Project, you can obtain the American Residency.
Metrópica is a planned community of 4 million square feet. Located in western Broward County, it brings the best of urban life in a tropical setting. Metrópica is the work of an award-winning team of international masters, including Oppenheim Architecture + Design, YOO estudio, CI Desing, and EDSA. With a unique contemporary architecture, luxury residences and high-end destinations for shopping, dining and entertainment, as well as a variety of high-tech facilities, Metrópica offers the perfect blend of urban living with sumptuous culture. Location: Broward County, Sunrise, next to the Saw Grass Mills Mall. Just 20 minutes from the Hollywood International Airport and one hour from the Miami International Airport.    

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